Complimentary Nervous System Audit

Discover how your dysregulated nervous system is impacting your health, relationships, and business. In this complimentary audit with Jake, you will determine which of the 9 drivers you have in the "red zone" and help you make a plan to get to the "green zone".

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Discover which of these 9 'Drivers' you have in the "RED ZONE"

If you want to regulate your nervous system you first need to identify what is CAUSING your nervous system to be so highly stressed. In your complimentary audit with Jake you will uncover which of the 9 areas you need to work on in order to regulate your nervous system.  

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Full Transparency: This is NOT a sales call. 

In this call, you won't be pitched anything. Instead, we will help you diagnose what is causing your nervous system to be dysregulated, and give you a plan to fix it. You can take this plan and implement it on your own, or with someone else. But if you wish to work with me, I will let you know how you can do that. 

 Before you book a call...

Who is this call for?

  • High achieving Entrepreneurs & Business owners who are dealing with a dysregulated nervous system
  • Those business owners who have created success through sheer will, and hard work. 
  • Those who find it easy to work hard and be busy, but hard to slow down and relax. 
  • Those who want to work privately with a mentor to speed up their results in this area
  • Those who are ready to do the work to regulate their nervous system & create a sustainable business.
  • Those who recognize THEY need to change if they want their business to change
  • Those who want their health and relationships to thrive with their business
  • Entrepreneurs who understand that doing 'inner work' is important for business growth

Who is the call NOT for?

  • Those who are not in business or in entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurs & Business owners who are just starting in business
  • Those in immediate financial distress in business
  • Those who think their business is 100% to blame for their stress
  • Business owners who don't want to take responsibility for their own stress
  • Those who want to do the work on their own
  • People dealing with immediate and life-threatening health challenges. 
  • Those looking for free coaching

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NOTE: Each month there are only 5 complimentary audits available. Jake reserves the right to deny your request for an audit if you are not the right fit.